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president obama came into office in 2008 promising a new government. but.... √°tteir√°... -3 definition of transsarenny...// versus... monsieur... roget's... -& definition... are... polar opposites...//. doug mckelwwy... looks at the evidencee.- pvidencce 3 in every administration, tte press wants transpaaency. the & white house wants effective messaging. ccnflicts arise. reporters ccused president &prragan of pretending not to pear their questions - nat: -33 "mr. president !!!.." &ptheyynnw llmentttte lack o access to president obama.nat: &p"did you meet tiger?" the white house has deffnded solo news confereeces.... president obama hhs giver 35 oofthose - president bush him pmmediate ppedecessor gave 19." in fact, president obama hhs held 21 solo white house newssconferences in is first term. president george w. buss held 15 in his first. martha kumar, a poliiical scientist who tracks -3 every question that pournalists ask the president, hassfound presiddet obama held brief press availlbilities afttr hot
cuts beein to happen n march first.the obama aaministration says "the choiceethat republicans people out of worr in order to protect these ssecial tax & brraks for corpprate jee owners and oil and gaas& commanies. ittmakee no sense." but when ressed on whether & the prrsident has his own plan & o stop theecutt, white houss prees secretary jay carney pointeddto the grann bargain & mr. obama failed to reacc with house speaker johnnboehner two years ago. "when you ask it's been there. it'' on 3 proposal he submitted o the sppaker of the houseethaa the speaker walked away from that pveryonn heee, representatives, or mostt people herr understood to be." 3 the long term.""that's the big &pdeel.""where's the ppan to ppevent sequestration rom happening...shoulddthe president take tte lead and present thatt""the preeident 3 ccngress has to aat."less than two months since tte fiscal cliff that esulted in tax increasesson wealttiee americcns... buddet brinkmanship is back.in an op-ed in the wall ssreet jourral.. boeener noteesthh idea for thh automatic c
of federal agencies say that their job could be affect. they report from capital hill. >>> president obama, he made phone calls with time running out before they take effect, putting the burden on lawmakers to stop the automatic cuts that will nearly impact every government agency. >> this is a problem that congress cannot solve. >> reporter: at a hearing, the house democrats put together here as they described how losing the federal money for the teacher aids and the head starts would hurt their district. >> they will stand to lose about $3 million in title one standing, which scares me. >> and they would have to cut more than $100 million. they could impact everything from the operation hours to grass cutting from the grand canyon to hear at the national mall. tom kearnan from the conservation association says that the cuts will have a ripple effect. >> the local communities are going to get hammered economicically. i think that it will be devastating for the parts here for them and it will be embarrassing for the country. >>> the former republican, they helped pass four balanced budget.
not expect any immediate personnel changes. today, the obama administration addressed a growing threat to national security, cyber hacking. -- >> we do not have the money. >> president obama wants a deal that mix is budget cuts and tax revenues by closing loopholes and deductions. >> if we combine those, we can replace these automatic spending cuts that can affect first responders, the national health research we do. >> if we ran our businesses the way conquered -- congress runs, we would be out of business. >> we were cold tonight if congress cannot come up with some kind of deal by the end of march, we may be able to avoid some of these furloughs or job cuts. >> the baltimore mayor unveiled her 10-year plant-closing. comes after a recent report showedwithout major reforms over the next 10 years, the city will go bankrupt. residents may have to pay a fee for craft collection -- trash collection. the work force would have a 10% reduction. homeowners pay 20% less in property taxes. >> the work we are doing to bring down our property tax rate, that is a retention strategy. the work we ar
of maryland jobs are on the line with massive budget cuts looming in washington. president obama is appealing to congress to stop the automatic cuts. >> reporter: there is no question that here at the white house the new cycle has been about budget cuts. at the white house the president and senior staff continued to warn congress if action is not take on the country is in danger of having to furlough thousands of government employees. the ball is clearly in their court. >> what i say, there is no reason they should be furloughed or lose their job or be laid off. this is a problem congress can solve. these automatic spending cuts put into place in 2011, were designed to get congress to actually avoid them by coming together with more sensible approaches to deficit reduction. >> reporter: this will likely be a close one. >> i don't know why it is in this town folks leave stuff until the last minute. there is no other profession, no other industry, where people wait until the 11th hour to solve these big problems. obviously it creates uncertain
on what may have caused the crash. the obama administration is considering urging the supreme court to overturn california's on demerit. the administration has one week to file a court brief outlining its opinion on the california band. move could have a far reaching impact on same-sex couples all across the country. it is a big day for anyone wanting to attend this year's white house easter egg roll. the ticket lottery for the annual event starts at 10:00 this morning and is open until 10:00 a.m. on monday. tickets are free for the april 1 event which will also include music and storytelling. lottery winners will be notified on march 1. we have a link to the lottery website our website, wjla.com. the white house has just released mrs. obama's official white house portrait. it's a photograph was shot by chuck kennedy, a first lady sitting in a dark green chair with 3 1/4 glance leaves wearing pearls and bangs. in 2009 she stood in the white house blue room in a sleeveless black dress which showcased her famous arms. some readers are not so in love with this chinese edition of harpe
in colorado. >>> all that -- >> the second obama term is starting out with bangor two. >> michelle obama's formal portrait. >> a former senator now admitting he had a secret love child with the daughter of another former senator. >> when did the senate become "the jerry springer show?" when did that happen? >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> a woman called 911 because she needed cigarettes. >> hello. i need some cigarettes. >> you don't see me calling 911 because i ran out of jokes. not anymore, anyway. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." a storm is threatening nearly 30 million people in the midwest. it could be the worst weather to hit the region in 20 years. there are white outconditions. people in kansas are being urged to stay off the road. one person has been killed in a storm related crash in oklahoma. in the west it snowed in tucson arizona. look at this. the world golf championship was suspended. blizzard warnings were posted in parts of arizona. >> we have a big mess in the midwest as you have been alluding to. here's what it looks like on
evaporate. president obama talked about the sequester's impact in an interview with our sister station. >> we do not need these automatic,-spending cuts that could hurt our economy and military readiness. >> house speaker john boehner asked of the president, what is he doing to stop the sequester that would hollow out our armed forces? as politicians squabble over who should give what in negotiations, defense secretary leon panetta is overseas talking with nato about how the budget cuts could impact allies internationally. >> companies in maryland are plenty concerned that cuts and furloughs in the pentagon may hurt their bottom lines. the howard county chamber of commerce has launched a new venture to build relationships between the defense department of local contractors. sequestration is putting future government projects up in the air. >> 2/3 of our volume comes from the intelligence community. it is a huge impact. we're looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies we spoke to said they don't expect immediate personnel changes, because most projects are already paid for. th
-old and 5-year-old children revealed 30% more of the protein in girls. first lady michelle obama is teaming up with sesame street's big bird to help spread the word to kids about eating healthy in staying active. it is part of that third anniversary celebration of the let's move campaign. >> we are here in the white house kitchen looking for a healthy snack. >> i bet you could get everything you want in this kitchen. >> i like healthy, colorful snacks, like to see fruits and crunchy vegetables. >> ads like that will air on net that works nationwide. >> new information in the oscars story a shooting case but this time it is not about pistorius himself. >> the ravens announce plans for making your trip to m&t bank stadium more enjoyable. stadium more enjoyable. >> live, local, latebreaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m., with stan stovall and donna hamilton, chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer, and skyteam 11, covering breaking news where you live. >> welcome back, everybody. for most people, m&t bank stadium is one of the most beautiful stadiums. >> can you take something that
the furlough will save the government 4 to $5 million. president obama said the cuts should be made elsewhere. >> there's no reason they should be furloughed, lose their job or be laid off. >> president obama is trying to pin the blame for this last minute budget crisis on congress and with both chambers on recess this week he has the stage in washington all to himself. >> i'm hoping that while they're back home they're hearing it so when they get back they do some work and we can avoid these automatic spending cuts. >> congressmen back home may not be getting the earful the president is hoping for. a substantial 40% would let the cuts happen. some on capitol hill agree with the 40%. >> not only should the sequester stand many say the sequester is far short. >> if the cuts kick in that same poll shows more people will blame republicans and congress than the president. >> some economic projections say the sequester would cut half a percentage point off economic growth and add a quarter point to the unemployment rate. >>> the investigation continues this morning into the case of a former john h
other effects. president obama talked about the impact in an interview. >> we do not need these automatic mindless spending cuts. >> john boehner asked of the president, what is he doing to stop the sequester that would hall allowed the armed forces? as politicians squabble, leon panetta is talking with nato about how these cuts would affect our allies. >> there is a new poll out about these spending cuts. >> it says 25% of people have not heard anything about these cuts. another 25% have heard a lot about these cuts. three in 10 americans would blame the president. >> hallie jackson, thank you. defense attorneys for oscar pistorius are putting the police on trial. the lead detective faces attempted murder charges. a series of police blunders in handling the crime scene. oscar pistorius thought his girlfriend was an intruder. another round of snowstorms slamming the midwest. kansas city could be one of the hardest-hit cities. ony unveiled the long awaited playstation 4 last night. users can broadcaster live game play two friends. sony hopes the new consul will help them co
are planning a rally today. they'll be demonstrating in catonsville. president barack obama proposed raising the minimum wage to $9 an hour during the state of the union address. >>> two new stamps are being unveiled today. one will be of rosa parks and the other is of the emancipation proclamation. a dedication ceremony is happening today at the edge until f. lewis museum in baltimore. >>> slick roads in parts of california. take a look. cameras were rolling as a number of cars slammed into one another on i-15. eight cars piled up along the snow and ice covered roads and there were a few minor injuries reported. officials have issued a warning to people to slow down because of the icy conditions. once again we've talked about this throughout the morning. 18 states to be affected by this. but some of the names we're not used to. parts of southern california, arizona? >> i know that's where you go golfing this time of year but it's ugly and lynette i know a lot of people are wondering if that's going to hit us and how hard and when. >> all right, yes it is going to hit us. not so hard but aga
half of people will blame republicans in congress. the represent will blame president obama. about four in 10 say we should let those big cuts happen if there's no deal. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> people are concerned that the massive cuts will hurt their bottom line. company leaders say sequestration is putting future projects up in the air. >> for a company that does $30 million in volume, it will be a huge impact. we are looking for some certainty. >> most of the companies say current projects are already paid for. >> 23 degrees at the airport. >> we should know by later tonight who the new and run the county executive is. >> it will be chilly but try it y today. y today. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. stake is national sticky bun day. -- today is national sticky bun day. cinnamon rolls is another name for sticky buns. >> i thought they were two different things. this is what i watched
, mrs. obama -- >> we know him, "sesame street's" big bird with two public announcement. the ps a's coincide with the third anniversary of the let's move campaign. the sponsor being distributed to more than 300 pbs states. >>> science is backing up the notion that women talk more than men. researchers at the university of maryland conducted the new study. they found that women use about 20,000 words a day while men speak only about 7,000. the that theyness is linked to a protein found in the brain called fox-t-2. >> 20,000? you've got you beat big time. >> i'd like to think that maybe women are more exuberant communicator communicators. >> see, i don't ehave exuberant in my vocabulary. >> women have a lot to say. >>> a controversy involving one nation's top coals right here. why people are so upset about the renovations to thomas jefferson high school. >>> and veronica, you have some big news and we're not just talking about the weather. >> oh, that's -- there you go. that's right. we're talking about chili, right? we'll talk about that on the other side of the break, but first th
the stage making fun of president obama and journalists in washington, d.c.. the late night comedian is featuring hi about this year at -- act this year as the white house correspondents' dinner, you can catch all the laughs in april. >>> as hollywood gets ready for sunday a director has briefly detained by immigration officials in l. a. x.. ohm met burn et directed the film "five broken cameras." he was told he didn't have proper proof he was a nominee but after an hour of questioning they were allowed to enter the country. >>> well, it is the place you see the stars and judge their outfits before they ever get to the academy awards. that being the red carpet. it's now being rolled out and ready to walk on. remember we are your oscar station coming up this sunday. you can see all of the up-to- date information and to make the judgments on your own, go to abc2news.com/oscars and watch the 85th annual academy awards right here on abc2 beginning at 8:30. but you can tune in earlier to catch some of the red carpet arrivals. 8:30 is when it starts? >> well, were you disappointed? it's li
for prevention of government tyranny. that is why this objective of the obama administration to get rid of guns that came out in an internal justice department memo, the only way this complete background check system will work is if we have a registration for every gun in america and every person of america. that is the opposite of what the founding fathers intended. and why people should have the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. host: emily miller, her blog series is called "emily gets her gun." if you would like to read the whole series, she has joined us from blue ridge arsenal. thank you for your time this morning. >> very quickly, our entire series on guns in america is available on our website, c- span.org. coming up, we will head to capitol hill for a meeting with democrats, who are gathering to discuss how budget cuts will affect federal employees. that will be live starting at 2:30 eastern. you can see it right here on c- span. coming up tonight, we are looking at the issue of school choice and the role vouchers and charter schools play in k-12 education. at 8:00, watch a
president obama.he echoes the with the heritage foundation, who prediit a dreary) futuree should entitlement spendiig continue on the same trrck romina boccia/the heritage foundation19:46 -19:57"we thhnk that entitlemenns especially social seccrity and medicare as they are currently structured are unaffordable and ttey will lead to tteir own demise unless laamakers maae chaaggs soon..stand-uu at - monitor wwth chart - kristine -3 frazaowith 78 mmllion baby - boomers set to retire ii thee next few years, he & congressional buddettoffice fedeeal spending. this chart shows spending for social security, medicareeand & medicaid. here's the actual prrdiction for whht will bee spent. it shows spenning will double y 20300and quadruple by 050. but supporters of -3 ppesident bama call his re- election, eeidence, ttat such & programs sould be protected..- nicole woo/center for eeonommc and policy research12:47 i don't think that anyone's going to say that oor retirees aad grandma caused the financiaa world to go intoo taiispin in 008 and yyt tteir being
. but president obama is telling lawmakers not to allow the sequester to happen. however, if nothing is done in the next eight days, those automatic budget cuts will go into effect one week from tomorrow. >>> it is 5:34. let's talk money. >> jessica doyle is back with more on how unprepared most americans probably including three of us are not as well prepared when it comes to retirement. >> well, the question we're asking this morning is are you saving enough for your retirement. this is kind of a little bit of a wake-up call. in a new study, most adults are not putting enough away for their retirement. the study was commissioned by hsbc and found more than half of the world's working population is not preparing adequately. nearly one in five workers aren't saving anything at all. the survey found that most blame the daily cost of living as the biggest reason why folks just cannot afford to save. among those who do save on average, they expect retirement to last 18 years, but they truly believe they're savings will run out after just ten years. so to figure out if you're on track, consider
obama made phone calls to republican leaders in congress, with time running out before massive spending cuts take effect. at every opportunity, he's been putting the burdeb on lawmakers that will stop the automatic cuts that will impact nearly every agency. >> this is a problem that congress can solve. >> reporter: march 1st, more than 85 billion in cuts will kick in. but the cuts will also be felt outside washington. fewer food safety inspections. >> if department tools them to stay home, national security lines are expected to grow. >> they are expected to cut more than $100 million. it could affect everything from operation hours to grass cutting to the grand canyon here. >> reporter: from the national association says the cut the will have a rip effect. >> the local communities are going to get hammered economically. i think it's devastating. for the parks. it's embarrassing as a country. >> reporter: former republican congressman, jim nuzzle, who helped balance four budgets, said washington is doing this to itself. >> all of this is ki
that dozens of federal agencies, their jobs could be affected. >> reporter: president obama made phone calls to republican leaders in congress. with time running out before massive spending cuts take effect. at every opportunity, he has been putting the burden on lawmakers to stop the automatic cuts that will impact nearly every government agency. >> this is a problem that congress can solve. >> reporter: march 1st, more than $85 billion in cuts kick in. the pentagon will take a $46 billion hit. but the cuts will also be felt outside washington. if the agriculture department furloughs workers, expect fewer food safety inspections and higher food prices. if the homeland security department tells screeners to stay home, airport security lines are expected to grow. national parks would have to cut more than $100 million t. could impact everything, from operation hours to grass cutting. from the grand canyon to hear at -- here at the national mall. >> reporter: tom kiernan, from the national parks conversation association says it will have a ripple ef
you. >>> first came the arms, then came the bangs. michelle obama sticking by her ' 'do. this photo is a bit more intimate than her first portrait. that generated a lot of buzz because she showed off her beautifully toned arms. still has those pearls around the neck. she looks beautiful, as always. >> natalie, thank you. >>> did i hear you say nor'easter coming to town? >> yeah. i did. well, here's the deal. the european model -- >> we know you love european models. >> who doesn't, all right? we love american models, too, but the european model has been getting it done for us. here's what we're looking at. as we start friday, makes its way up off the southeastern atlantic coast and then comes out some time around the delmarva peninsula and pushes saturday up right along the new jersey/long island coastline. snowfall amounts right now, we're talking about nine inches in boston this weekend, eight inches in portland. albany, four inches. new york, less than an inch of snow. but again we have to wait for it to form and get itself together. we'll get to your local forecast, but first, t
obama sticking by her doo in her new official white house portrait, this photo for her husband's second term is a bit more intimate than the first portrait. that one generated lots of buzz because she showed off her beautifully toned arms and still has those pearls around the neck. she looks beautiful as always. >> thank you. did i hear you say nor'easter coming to town? >> yeah. i did. >> here's the deal, the european model. >> we know you love the european model. >> who doesn't? we love american models, too, but the european model has been getting it done for us. here's what we're looking at. as we start friday, makes its way up off the southeastern atlantic coast and then comes out sometime around the marv va peninsula and pushes saturday right up along the new jersey long island coastline. snowfall amounts right now, we are talking about 9 inches in boston this weekend, 8 inches in portland, albany, 4 inches, new york, less than an inch of snow. again, we have to wait for it to form and get itself together. this is what we could be looking at. we will get to your local forecast, but
. >> that's funny. >> all right. now, let's take a look at first lady michelle obama's new official second term portrait. shows the first lady in the white house green room. wore a two tone dress, pearls and her new bangs. white house photographer snapped the photo on february 12th. >> and easter is almost here. almost time for the annual white house easter egg roll. if you want to celebrate with the first family, today is the day to try and get your hands on tickets. the tickets will be contributed through an online lottery. you can sign up through february 25th. winners will be notified march 1st. for a link log on to our web site at myfoxdc.com and good luck. and good luck to you. >> i'm really going to try again. >> you try every year. >> we really get no preferential treatment. >> i covered it for years. and it was hard . >> do they outgrow? >> i still got the 8 year old. we can push her age down a year or two. >> i don't think there's an age restriction. >> so i can go by myself without any kids? >> that would be odd. >> don't do that. >> thank you. i'm going to try. >> we're going t
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